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Navigators have 3 papers accepted in July 2018

Three team publications were accepted in top journals in July 2018: Connor, E.G., McHugh, M.K. & J.P. Crimaldi, Experiments in Fluids accepted July 2018 Alvarez-Salvado, E. Licata, A., Connor, E., McHugh, M., King, B., Stavropooulos, N., Crimaldi, J. and K.I. Nagel,  “Elementary sensory-motor transformation underlying olfactory navigation in walking flies.”, Elife, accepted August 2018 S.D.…

PBS Newshour running 3-part series on our project

PBS Newshour will be featuring the Olfactory Navigation project in their new Science Scope segment over the next several weeks. We’ll archive them here as they become available online! John Crimaldi: What a smell looks like, June 9 Lucia Jacobs: Inside the nose of a search-and-rescue dog, Aug. 12